A cross-sector alliance incorporating leading UK organisations has been created in response to government plans to develop a national professional body for cybersecurity. The imaginatively titled Collaborative Alliance aims to shape national cybersecurity standards, drive advances in education and advise the government on policy. The founding members include BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Chartered […]

Innovative Valve Design Featured at Power Event Everlasting Valve Co.’s self-lapping, rotating disc valve was on display during the ELECTRIC POWER Conference and Exhibition, held in Nashville, Tennessee, March 19–22, 2018. While other metal-sealed valves wear out over time, the seal in the Everlasting Valve gets tighter and stronger as it wears in. As the […]

Three of the top cybersecurity officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation are retiring from government service, according to people familiar with the matter—departures that come as cyberattacks are a major concern for the country’s security agencies. Senior U.S. intelligence officials warn that the country is at a “critical point” facing unprecedented cyberthreats, including Russia’s […]

In the wake of indictments against 12 Russian operatives for hacking into the Democratic National Committee, cybersecurity experts are raising concerns about plans but he U.S. Census Bureau to use digital questionnaires for the first time ever in 2020. Eleven former government cybersecurity employees demanded the Census Bureau and Department of Commerce outline any planned […]

You’re reading Entrepreneur Middle East, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. As recent data breaches indicate, businesses of all types, sizes and in all locations are at real risk of a cyber attack at any given moment. Latest figures have shown that cyber crime affected 3.72 million people in the UAE in 2017– costing the […]

Shutterstock One might consider the firewall the most significant invention in cybersecurity in the last 30 years. The firewall has certainly evolved since its inception in 1988 as simple packet filters, launching with stateful filters, then upgrading to its third-generation application layer firewall and more recently upgrading again to the next-generation firewall (NGFW). While NGFW […]