Cyber Espionage

The team, from the University and CSIRO’s Data61 unit, investigated more than a million apps and found 2040 counterfeits over a period of two years, a statement from the University said. “Many fake apps appear innocent and legitimate – smartphone users can easily fall victim to app impersonations and even a tech-savvy user may struggle […]

C-level leaders, beware! Their online actions, clicks, and likes are being watched by a new breed of hackers. These cybercriminals are honing their attacks with information that is already available. They are using social media, stolen credentials, and social engineering to target. And they are successful. The new conclusion comes from the 12th Verizon 2019 […]

Global cyber security firm Panda Security and leading integrated communication solutions provider, iWay Africa Kenya, have formed a strategic cyber alliance to enable iWay Africa to offer a managed security service to clients using Panda’s next-generation EDR solution. The rise of global cyber attacks presents a major risk for organisations around the world. The complexities […]

A US government security agency has ratcheted up tension with Iran by warning that escalating state-sponsored attacks could turn destructive. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) director, Christopher Krebs, said in a statement dated Saturday that Iranian “regime actors and proxies” had ramped up malicious cyber-activity against US government agencies and industries of late. […]

Under the deal, Wanxiang has pledged to invest US$29 billion over the course of the next decade to support the technological and infrastructural development in what the company says is envisaged to become China’s largest, most interconnected, blockchain-powered smart city. Wanxiang says the PlatON blockchain-based network, selected for its scalability and privacy, will form the […]

Whether it’s hours spent waiting in an airport terminal because of an unexpected (but really, expected) delay or hours under the sun (with sunscreen) on the beach, a good book is a welcome companion. And a page-turner at that is necessary to keep you entertained and pass the time enjoyably. Thus, here’s a list of […]

When Torvalds was prone to swear at, and abuse, his fellow developers, stories were merited. But this latest bid by The Register for clickbait resembles very much the acts of low-life London tabloid paparazzi who stood around looking for signs of cellulite whenever the late Princess Diana left the gym. Are people really so desperate […]

What do Queen Elizabeth II and Vladimir Putin have in common? Well, according to President Donald Trump, there is no difference between having a chat with Britain’s queen and accepting dirt about a political opponent from the Kremlin. When asked, in an astonishing interview with ABC News, whether he would welcome campaign help from an […]