Cyber Warfare

Former President Bill Clinton remarked in 1993 that, “when word of a crisis breaks out in Washington, it’s no accident that the first question that comes to everyone’s lips is: ‘where’s the nearest carrier?’” President Clinton’s sentiment still rings true today. Not only did the United States recently dispatch the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier group […]

The US on Thursday called off a military strike against Iran but conducted cyberattacks instead, targeting multiple Iranian computer systems, the New York Times reported. US actions against Iran have reminded us that the boundaries of warfare are being extended. Some American analysts speculate that a war between China and the US can hardly be […]

(Image: Homeland Security) The Department of Homeland Security’s cyber-security agency is warning of increased cyber-activity from Iranian hackers, and urging US companies to take protective measures against these hacker groups’ most common practices — the use of data-wiping malware, credential stuffing attacks, password spraying, and spear-phishing. The warning was published in a tweet by the […]

President Trump faced a difficult choice in the wake of Iran’s downing of an American drone over the Strait of Hormuz last week. Eventually, after ordering an attack, Trump decided against it, because the 150 estimated civilian casualties would have represented a disproportionate response to destroying an unmanned drone. But yesterday we found out he […]

The big picture: The breach, first reported by Yahoo News, saw the U.S. disable the computer systems for some time, according to the outlets. It was similar to a cyberattack that temporarily took down Russia’s Internet Research Agency in November during and immediately after the United States’ midterm elections, the NYT said. Why it matters: […]

The Pentagon conducted a cyberattack on computer systems in Iran that control rocket and missile launches, sources familiar with the matter confirmed to CBS News. President Trump reportedly approved the cyberattack. This came as Mr. Trump decided Thursday to back off the launch of a retaliatory military strike on Iran after it downed an unmanned U.S. drone […]