June 2016

WASHINGTON, June 30 (UPI) — Cisco and Thales announced a new cybersecurity partnership Wednesday to develop cyber detection and counter-attack solutions, Thales announced. The new solution is based on the complementary nature of the companies’ technologies and a combination of their know-how, Thales said in a statement. In response to new critical IT systems and […]

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) is reportedly mulling over the sale of Intel Security, the cybersecurity business it built from its $7.7 billion acquisition of McAfee nearly six years ago. The Financial Times, citing sources close to the matter, claims that the sale could be “one of the largest in the sector.” Image source: Intel. Potential buyers include private […]

Brett McDowell is the executive director of the FIDO Alliance, the nonprofit industry association creating standards for stronger, simpler authentication. Did you just get a notification from another Fortune 500 company asking you to change of all your passwords? If not, you will soon enough. It’s almost fashionable to become the victim of a data […]

New research from the BCI has revealed substantial differences among organizations when it comes to response times following a cyber-breach. Whilst an impressive 31% of the 369 business continuity and resilience professionals polled said they react to cyber incidents within 60 minutes, a concerning 19% admitted it can take them four hours or more to […]

We must employ concerted efforts to combat cyber threat and terrorism,” Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh said at the opening of the International Cyber Security Consultation and Stakeholders’ Workshop, which took place yesterday at the Miatta Conference Centre, Brookfields. The Vice President explained that we now live in a rapidly changing information-rich world, adding “with […]

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Cybersecurity blind spots: Applications Most enterprises rely on complex legacy applications for mission-critical operations. And therein lies the problem. “We had one of our clients tell us ‘A layer in our SAP system was not being taken care of that included managing roles, profiles, authorizations and permissions tied to business functions’,” said Juan Perez-Etchegoyen, CTO […]

“Insider threat,” the phenomenon of employees going bad, has become a key focus of corporate security departments, as companies become increasingly aware of how much damage an angry staffer or contractor can do by stealing or leaking intellectual property or other confidential data. In a feature in our July issue, Fortune’s Roger Parloff takes a […]