June 2017

Threat intelligence sharing has never been an easy task, but the companies behind the Cyber Threat Alliance believe they’ve finally found the right approach. The organization, which was founded in 2014 by Palo Alto Networks, Intel Security, Fortinet and Symantec, was designed to collect and share high-level threat intelligence amongst the leading vendors in cybersecurity. […]

AUGUSTA — When he was growing up on a farm in northern Maine, Henry Felch didn’t envision going to college, let alone ultimately becoming a college professor, in a discipline that didn’t even exist when he was a student. Fast forward 43 years and the retired Army veteran is about to begin his third year […]

“Given our ever-growing online presence, consumers may be tempted to use the same password across multiple websites,” says Megan Stifle, cybersecurity policy director at consumer advocate group Public Knowledge. “This leaves consumers very vulnerable. If the password is compromised at one site, e.g., at their email account, the [hacker] will try the same password and […]

Have state-sponsored hackers been spending nights reading Cold War spy novelists like John Le Carré? It sure seems that way. Because those classic espionage techniques are being reinvented as the latest strategies to compromise Western democracies. Take the recent reports on Russia’s attack on a U.S. company that provides voting support and systems to local […]

Concern over the threat posed by cyber-attacks on power stations and electricity grids is “off the scale” in the UK energy sector, according to a leading industry figure. No other country in the world has an energy industry as worried about the risk from cyber threats, such as the WannaCry ransomware attack that recently hit […]

Shipping firms need to walk the walk when it comes to security, Amsterdam conference is told. Shipping needs to build cyber resilience in the wake of the cyber-attack on Maersk Line, a maritime cyber security has warned. The attack has the potential to throw global container supply chains into chaos, according to CyberKeel chief executive […]

MUMBAI: A spate of recent ransomware attacks such as WannaCry and Petya has led corporate India scrambling to hire cyber-security experts to protect their IT systems. Demand for graduates specialising in cyber security has shot up to an alltime high, and universities and educational institutes are introducing these programmes to cater to the growing requirements. […]