June 2018

Attacks on critical infrastructure (CNI) represent the biggest cybersecurity threat facing the UK, according to nearly two-thirds of MPs. NCC Group polled a representative sample of 100 MPs from all main political parties and found 62% believed compromise of key sectors including transport and utilities to be the biggest risk to the country. Although all […]

Illinois is on the receiving end of more than $13 million for new election safeguards, but only half of that money will go to local election managers across the state. County clerks and other election managers from across Illinois will be in Bloomington this week for a training session that focuses on protecting the state’s […]

In the months since #MeToo took off, women’s whispers about sexual harassment and abuse have been transformed into vocal demands for systemic change — in some cases, with material consequences. Not long before #MeToo began, so-called cybersecurity rock stars Jacob Appelbaum, a former developer at the Tor Project and WikiLeaks collaborator, and Morgan Marquis-Boire, a […]

Ehud Schnerosen, former head of an Israeli signal intelligence corps known as Unit 8200, has announced that in the event of any future conflict between Israel and Iran, cyber-attacks should be aimed at the enemy energy sector, which he described as “a major pillar of the economy, the state’s cardio-vascular system,” according to The Jerusalem Post. “We should not attack water, food, or […]

The US Cyber Command was meant to protect the US in general, and the Pentagon in particular, from cyberattacks. In recent months, however, the Pentagon has been unilaterally redefining their posture away from defensive operations toward a focus on aggressive offense. Officials say that now, the US Cyber Command is conducting nearly daily raids on […]

With cybersecurity incidents on the rise, the chief information security officer (CISO) needs to be in direct communication with the corporate board. But there is often a vast separation between what the board understands about security and what the security department understands about business priorities. As a result, there is a significant disconnect between the […]

THE KEY Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, leaves federal court in New York on April 26. (Mary Altaffer/AP) Want more stories about cybersecurity? Sign up for this newsletter here. For the second time this month, federal prosecutors say they’ve obtained a trove of encrypted messages from one of President Trump’s former top associates.  The relative ease with […]