July 2019

Cold War in Cyberspace Western military hackers have penetrated Russian targets, from tech giants to the nationwide power grid, reports say. by Ky Krauthamer 31 July 2019 The dramatic assertions in a U.S. Senate report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election got major play in the U.S. media. And no wonder: the report […]

Air Force Gen. John Hyten, nominee for vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, this week outlined U.S. military concerns about weapons shortfalls that increase risks for any future conflict with China. Gen. Hyten, currently commander of U.S. Strategic Command, said in a prepared statement to the Senate Armed Services Committee made public Tuesday […]

Credit: Dreamstime Don’t always turn to overseas companies if you’re seeking local security help, that’s the view some local security experts shared during a recent media round table lunch.  Aura Information Security Australia country manager, Michael Warnock, expressed his frustration at companies turning their attention overseas for security providers when there’s a locally strong security […]

“The character of modern warfare is changing to a multidomain battlespace with significant emphasis on space, electronic, information and cyber domains,” Gilday wrote in answers to questions submitted ahead of the hearing. “Given the changing security environment and the increasingly multidomain nature of threats, accelerating our Navy’s digital transformation will be critical to preparing our […]

“We take a look and we use a variety of people, diverse populations, diverse ideas, get into small groups, come up with threats of what might happen 10 years out and then we look and work backwards to identify the flags and the gates that might happen on the way to that particular future,” Col. […]

A broad range of cyber threats are facing the global finance industry, which represents a one-stop shop for attackers, providing essential funding for the underground economy, security reports reveals. By targeting financial services institutions, criminals steal sensitive data that can be used to open fake accounts and lines of credit they need for survival. The […]

A south Alabama school district has delayed the start of school twice because of a cyber attack. We wanted to know if the same thing could happen here. “No matter how busy you are, or how trusting you are, never click on an email or text first without carefully considering whether it is legitimate,” said […]

This is a summary of an article written for Global Banking and Finance Review by Fortinet’s Senior Security Strategist/Researcher and CTI Lead, Tony Giandomenico. The entire article can be accessed here. Cyber criminals continue to target the financial services industry to steal payment card data, online banking accounts, and to compromise ATM machines using ransomware, cryptomining, […]

CYBERATTACKS rank second only to acts of terror in the current risk landscape compiled by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The number of cybersecurity incidents is on the rise, and businesses of all sizes and in all sectors are at risk. Klint Walker, cybersecurity advisor for DHS, provided an update on the growing […]