July 2019

Governments are becoming ever more reliant on digital technology, making them more vulnerable to cyber attacks. In 2007, Estonia was attacked by pro-Russian hackers who crippled government servers, causing havoc. Cyber attacks in Ukraine targeted the country’s electricity grid, while Iran’s nuclear power plants were infected by malware that could have led to a nuclear […]

The proliferation of robotic warships could make naval warfare safer for human beings. But it also could have the unintended effect of reducing the threshold for military action. Recent events in the Strait of Hormuz underscore that danger. In the summer of 2019 U.S. and Iranian forces each shot down a surveillance drone belonging to […]

Earlier this month, the world was treated to a glimpse of what happens behind the strict politeness of international diplomacy, when the reporting cables of Britain’s ambassador to the US were leaked to the press. Regardless of the personalities involved and of the unidentified flying adjectives that went around, this episode raises important questions about […]

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, but the capability and personnel needed to combat these threats remain in serious shortage. As such, organisations are outsourcing their cybersecurity needs, resulting in the growth of cybersecurity-as-a-service. Techday spoke to McAfee MVision Cloud Asia Pacific regional director Joel Camissar about the drivers and the effects of this trend. 1.    What are the factors […]

Valen Analytics Predicts Comp Risks with no Loss History Workers’ compensation carriers can now accurately score a policy even where there is no loss history on the account, according Valen Analytics, a data analytics and predictive modeling firm for the property/casualty insurance industry. Valen has released the latest in its suite of predictive models, the […]

Cybersecurity company Darktrace says crypto-attackers have turned to more sophisticated and highly personalised methods to siphon tokens from victims. Pixabay In the realm of cryptocurrency, the dangers of clandestine cyber attacks that target and siphon valuable assets may not always be clear – but they are present. Worryingly, it has become increasingly apparent that traditional […]

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA)- If you’ve been on social media in the past few months, then you’ve seen the latest craze. It’s a geriatric look into the aging process, via selfies that feature wrinkles, gray hair, sagging skin and age spots, all made possible by Faceapp. Adam Sheffield, with the Undercroft, a cyber security guild and development center in Ybor […]