InvisiMole – powerful but rarely seen cyber-espionage malware …

InvisiMole – powerful but rarely seen cyber-espionage malware detailed

A rarely used, but very powerful cyber-espionage malware with the ability to install backdoors, remotely execute code and grab sound and audio from the affected device has been discovered and analysed by ESET researchers.

InvisiMole is described as an effective piece of malware, but for all its usefulness ESET believes it has only been installed in a very few machines, this despite the strong possibility that it has been in the wild since 2013. ESET was able to date the malware by finding an early version with a PE timestamp reading Oct 13, 2013.

It was first picked up in May in computers based in Russia and Ukraine.

“The campaign is highly targeted – no wonder the malware has a low infection ratio, with only a few dozen computers being affected,” ESET noted.

The malware comes with a wrapper DLL with its nefarious activities being

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