Phishing biggest cyber threat to SA – CSIR

Cybersecurity experts from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research say the biggest cyber security threat South Africans face is phishing.

On Monday, the organisation briefed media on its latest cybercrimes research.

CSIR senior security specialist, Muyowa Mutemwa joined Joanne Joseph on the Afternoon Drive for more details.

The challenge we face as South Africans is the middle class wants to find a way of making money passively so when they see advertisements with avenues where they can make money then they try to explore these to stay afloat. When you are looking at the rising cost of living, that is what pushes people to click on these things – the monetary value.

Muyowa Mutemwa, CSIR senior security specialist

He says other security threats include social media.

The inherent problem that comes with social media is that people who are not really our friends are also seeing

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