Md. Election Systems Ready for Cyber Threats, Officials Say

Maryland election officials are making sure the state voting systems are safe from cyber threats in this year’s upcoming elections.

To make sure systems are secure, the board fixed some security vulnerabilities identified by the Department of Homeland Security, officials said. Legislators this year also passed measures speeding up the reporting of hacks and requiring more transparency in online political ads.

State Board of Elections officials said unusual activity in election systems was detected in August 2016, but there was no evidence of a hack.

Maryland officials described the unsuccessful attempt to break into its voting systems as a “probe” — likening it to a would-be burglar wiggling door knobs, but leaving after finding the door locked.

“We haven’t done anything dramatically different than we did before, because it’s an ongoing process,” said Nikki Charlson, the board’s deputy state administrator. “We’ve enhanced some of the ways we protect

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