Poor Password Practices Put Corporate Cybersecurity at Risk

A recent study found that a quarter of employees reuse the same password for all their accounts, putting corporate cybersecurity at risk and highlighting a need for better training.

Even worse, 81 percent of employees who reuse the same credentials don’t bother to protect their smartphone or desktop with a password. The survey also found that 23 percent of employees frequently click on potentially malicious links before verifying them in any way.

Security Hygiene Falls Through the Cracks Despite Heightened Awareness

The research showed that users are still failing to follow basic cyber hygiene best practices despite growing awareness about cybersecurity. According to the report, titled “Cyber Hygiene Study 2018,” 60 percent of respondents cited the threat of personal data compromise as their top cybersecurity concern. Still, 33 percent admitted that they don’t use two-factor authentication (2FA), and 17 percent said they used

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