Tipp Outlet Issue Statement Over Fake News Attack On Tipp Management Team

With the eyes of the world on Russia, a deeply strange bit of cyber terror hit Tipperary this week.

Earlier this week, quotes appeared on Twitter which looked like a screengrab of the Tipperary Star website featuring quotes attributed to West Tipperary County Board Chairman John O’Shea calling for the staging of a protest march calling for the dismissal of Michael Ryan and his backroom staff.

It turns out, however, that this was all fake news, as the Tipperary Star elucidated via a statement on their website earlier today. The site called it all an “an elaborate hoax”.

The hoax post on social media which bears the banner of Tipperary Star website, this reporter’s by-line, and quotes attributed to Mr O’Shea is a complete hoax and has caused much distress to everyone involved.

The Tipperary Star’s attention was first drawn to this hoax by an official of the County Board and Mr O’Shea also learned about it from a third party. Mr

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