MPs: CNI Attacks Are Biggest Cyber-Threat – Infosecurity Magazine

Attacks on critical infrastructure (CNI) represent the biggest cybersecurity threat facing the UK, according to nearly two-thirds of MPs.

NCC Group polled a representative sample of 100 MPs from all main political parties and found 62% believed compromise of key sectors including transport and utilities to be the biggest risk to the country.

Although all parties agreed on this, they were divided in their views on other threats.

Over two-fifths (42%) of Conservatives claimed a compromise of nuclear capabilities to be one of the top two threats, versus just 14% of Labour MPs. On the other hand, 44% of Labour MPs considered democratic interference to be a major threat, compared to only 16% of Conservative MPs.

On a positive note, MPs do seem to appreciate the consequences of poor cybersecurity. Three-quarters (75%) claimed to be concerned that a breach of their personal email could negatively affect the cybersecurity of the House of

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