With $1 million grant, Howard looks to help fix cybersecurity concerns

A $1 million grant will fund a Howard University project on cybersecurity. (Doug Kapustin for The Washington Post)

A $1 million grant will fund a research project at Howard University aimed at addressing cybersecurity concerns, the university said this week.

There is a national security need for protecting what are known as “cyber-physical systems,” said Moses Garuba, an associate dean at Howard. That means systems connected by networks and also integrated with what Garuba calls “physical processes.”

Think of a manufacturing plant that is making a chemical product, Garuba said Friday. That needs to be monitored by sensors, and when something goes wrong, that information feeds back to a system that is supposed to respond to the issue. Other “cyber-physical systems” can include drones, driverless cars or machines in hospitals, Garuba said.

“These systems are increasing dramatically across the nation,

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