Hennepin County Board hears good news on cybersecurity for upcoming election

Hennepin County recorded its highest voter registration in 2016, but that could easily be surpassed during the upcoming election season.

And since Minnesota was one of 21 states where Russian hackers targeted elections last time around, officials have a new playbook in place to reduce risks associated with the election process and cybersecurity.

Last week, the County Board received a briefing from county elections manager Ginny Gelms and Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon about the current landscape of protecting the integrity of election systems. The day before the board briefing, Simon had testified to Congress on the same subject.

“It doesn’t matter who is trying to do the attacking,” Simon told county commissioners. “Keep your hands off our democracy.”

Hennepin County is at the forefront of election protection, with a system that other counties in Minnesota and around the country want to emulate, said Simon. Hennepin is the

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