Cyber-Espionage Group Returns With New Attacks After One Year

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A cyber-espionage group that has targeted Palestinian law enforcement last year is now back in action targeting Palestinian government officials.

These recent attacks started in March 2018, according to evidence surfaced by Israel-based cyber-security firm Check Point. The new attacks seem to fit the same modus operandi of a group detailed in two reports from Cisco Talos and Palo Alto Networks last year.

The APT with a Hollywood obsession returns

Those reports detailed a spear-phishing campaign aimed at Palestinian law enforcement. The malicious emails tried to infect victims with the Micropsia infostealer, a Delphi-based malware that contained many strings referencing characters from the Big Bang Theory and Game Of Thrones TV shows.

Now, the same group appears to be back, and the only thing they’ve changed is the malware, which is now coded in C++. The TV shows references are still there,

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