4 Key Things Enterprises Need to Know About Cyber Espionage

When we talk about espionage, most thoughts would be of spies
from old cold war flicks, infiltrating top secret government
facilities to retrieve sensitive information capable of gaining
an edge over each other. These traditional espionage techniques
still exist and are employed all state intelligence agencies.
However, advancements in information technology alongside an
international progression towards getting all our data digitized,
we are seeing an emergence of a new typology of
espionage. Cyber Espionage.

Advancements in information technology currently excels in
capturing and storing large quantities of data. This directly
contributes towards expediting the most laborious step within the
intelligence process, collection. As more
organizations in both the government and private sector are
digitizing their data, espionage operations can be executed
without moving a single step out of an office building.

As technology continues to advance, hyperconnectivity, big-data
and advanced machine learning has come to revolutionize how
organizations operate. The same benefits can be

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