An exciting time to be in cyber security innovation

Focus on internet-based security

Chappell’s own company, Digital Shadows, has chosen to focus on internet-based security. “We were interested in how security happens beyond the boundary of most businesses, and so we monitor online content – the digital footprints of businesses – looking for those risks and helping businesses remediate those risks when we spot them,” he says.

Chappell says that he and co-founder Alastair Paterson, now CEO of Digital Shadows, “had a hunch” in 2011 that this would be a good area of security to explore and started running a small consultancy looking at online content, which evolved into a service.  

However, back then there were no specialist cyber security incubators in the UK, so Chappell and Paterson looked for help among the tech incubators that had been inspired by Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator . The first of three incubators was the Innotribe

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