Hacking The Bomb, Cyber Threats & Nuclear Weapons, reviewed

By @SimonCocking, review of Hacking The Bomb, Cyber Threats Nuclear Weapons. By Dr Andrew Futter. Foreword by Lord Des Brown

Are nuclear weapons safe from cyber-attack? Could terrorists actually launch a nuclear attack through hacking? Are we standing at the edge of a major technological challenge to global nuclear order? These are among the many vital security questions addressed in Dr Andrew Futter’s ground-breaking study of this worrying and little-understood development.

Hacking the Bomb provides the first comprehensive analysis of the cyber threat to nuclear weapon systems around the world.  Dr Andrew Futter, associate professor at The University of Leicester, makes the case for caution when it comes to the way we manage the ultimate weapon.  Many of the considerable number of nuclear weapons that remain in the world today are now held on

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