Goldman recommends cybersecurity stocks in anticipation of …

The prospect that the coming midterms in the U.S. could be tampered with by an outside force is one of the biggest fears facing election watchers. It could also prove to be an opportunity for investors looking for a growth story with coming catalysts.

High-profile hacks and data breaches have long been a tailwind for cybersecurity companies, as the crimes underline the need for the services and contribute to rapid growth. With the coming election seen as a major target, this trend could continue, according to Goldman Sachs.

The investment bank wrote that cybersecurity stocks “present a tactical opportunity ahead of [the] midterm elections” in November. Citing press reports that “suggest rising concerns about the possibility of meddling” in the election, it wrote that a rise in security spending “in anticipation of potential threats would boost the top-line of cybersecurity stocks.”

The midterm election is already seen as a wild card factor that

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