Hampton Roads struggles to fill cyber security skill gap – Virginian

Hampton Roads faces a shortage of cyber security workers, and experts say it’s because of rapidly developing technology and the area’s dependence on federal work.

The region was classified as having a “very low” supply of workers, with 3,055 job openings, according to Cyberseek, a tool that provides recruiters data about the job market.

As the world becomes more connected online, from self-driving cars to using an Amazon keypad to open a home, the need for cybersecurity jobs has grown, said Caitlin Johnson, a staffing solutions manager at the ABS Technology offices in Virginia Beach.

For instance, the Navy uses cyber security engineers for protection against malware and phishing attacks. A “red team” prevents breaches, and a “blue team” deals with the effects of attacks.

The region’s projected 1.6 percent growth in cyber security industries is more than double its overall employment growth, according to the 2017 Hampton Roads

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