Irish firms increasing security spend to fight cyber crime – but human …

Human error, and not solely the actions of hi-tech criminals, has been found to be the greatest facing businesses here as they attempt to establish a formal cyber defence strategy.

According to the results of latest research by IT company, DataSolutions, the majority of the 111 Irish decision-makers surveyed (93pc) claim that this defence is in place.

However, some 63pc of respondents still feel that their company would not be able to defend itself against emerging threats, with more than three quarters planning on pumping more spend into cybersecurity this year.

DataSolutions security specialist David Keating said that the cyber threat environment is constantly evolving and Irish companies are responding in kind to this danger.

He maintains that a lack of training could account for the fact that one third of respondents feel that their security teams are not completely prepared for existing security challenges.

But whether it may be in-house

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