Five Measures Latin America Must Take To Get Up To Snuff On Cybersecurity


In early 2016, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) released an ominous assessment of Latin America’s preparedness for cyberattacks, characterizing the region as especially and increasingly vulnerable to potentially devastating incidents. A year and a half later, the theft of 28 million users’ data from Latin America’s largest social network site, Taringa, has proven the report prescient.

What is perhaps even more unsettling is the fact that other comparable attacks may have been carried out on the region in recent years, but we wouldn’t necessarily know it. As the IDB report points out, businesses in the region are frequently not obligated to report incidents, and governments are slow to share details of attacks with their neighbors.

Having been based in Latin America for years, I have been witness to the region’s ongoing digital transformation, the rapid changes keeping

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