Cyber-threats In 2016: Evolution, Potential, And Overcoming Them

Jerod Powell, CEO, INFINIT Consulting, Inc.

By Jerod Powell, CEO, INFINIT Consulting, Inc.

The contemporary business environment is essentially a small subsystem in the larger cyber world. Every enterprise, no matter how technically progressive or apprehensive about technology, is connected to and handles different streams of data. The current IT landscape is highly disruptive, but it does promise better business outcomes for those who are Internet of Things (IoT) ready and prepared to embrace Big Data. However, there are some apprehensions about this more connected, omnipresent, and easily accessible data — it opens many doors to hackers, creating room for Cyber threats to seep in.

PWC’s Global State of Information Security Survey: 2015 underlined the seriousness of this pattern — the number of global security incidents is growing faster than the number of global smartphone users and the global GDP combined!

What Malware Can Do

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