How prepared is the U.S. to fend off cyber warfare? Better at offense …

David Sanger:

 “War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age,” I meant it more to be an explanatory book, but it’s an explanatory book about a frightening time.

And the frightening part of this is that cyber-weapons have moved, almost without us recognizing it, to be the primary way, Judy, that countries are beginning to undercut each other, do short-of-war operations against each other, operations that they don’t think will start a military response.

You know, we spent years worrying about the giant cyber-Pearl Harbor that was going to cut off all the lights from Boston to Washington or San Francisco to L.A. And, in fact, that kind of blinded us to the much more subtle uses of cyber, in which all of us are the collateral damage to this war among states that’s going on far above our heads.

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