Cybersecurity Certifications: Why They Matter and How to Know Which Ones To Pursue

Whether you’re just starting off in the cybersecurity field or are already working as a security professional, there are many certifications for you to consider across various specializations and difficulty levels. Not to mention certifications covering a range of disciplines and emerging security trends. But before getting into which certifications to choose, it’s important to understand why certifications matter and to whom.

Obtaining a certificate by passing an exam is a benchmark to validate skills and knowledge.

Certifications make you more attractive to potential employers because they show that you’re focused and goal-oriented. If they’re not required, they’re often preferred, depending on the role. Certifications also keep you marketable in the field as your career progresses, since the threat landscape is constantly changing and businesses—and security professionals—need to keep up.

Currently, there is a problematic shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals; estimates show over one million unfilled cybersecurity jobs. This presents a huge

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