NCC Group and Moran Shipping Agencies Work Together on … – Virginian

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Global cyber security and risk mitigation expert, NCC Group and Moran Shipping Agencies, Inc. announce today their strategic alliance in maritime cyber security. This alliance introduces a holistic approach to maritime cyber security that combines both organizations’ expertise to produce operationally relevant and realistic assessments and solutions that are sensible and uniquely tailored to the maritime industry.

The maritime industry faces a growing need to assess the security and risk that is associated at all levels of shipping operations. Leveraging NCC Group’s established global transportation assurance practice with Moran’s leading maritime operational know-how, both companies are positioned to provide a unique set of security consulting services that focus on understanding operational threats and how they may be realized by technical threats and vulnerabilities. This focus on Operational Technology (OT) is critical to understanding the complex systems and relationships of the maritime industry. In support

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