When Would Russia’s Cyber Warfare Morph Into Real Warfare …

Cyberspace is the new global battlefield and its soldiers sit in front of computer screens. What happens when the escalating cyberattacks by Russia on our most critical industries – energy, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation – succeed too well?Raytheon

Like a hippo being nibbled to death by a thousand piranha, the United States is an old cyber behemoth bleeding from the savvy carnivores of the digital age. Our regulations are not current, our defenses are not adequate and our people’s understanding is not sufficient. We are wide open to attack.

It is no wonder that Russia has developed a suite of more and more effective cyber weapons that are being used against the United States and several other nations around the world. With impunity.

But what happens if those attacks succeed too well? What if a cyberattack causes a blackout for 100 million people in the United States and a

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