The Cybersecurity Talent Gap Is An Industry Crisis – Forbes


If you’re finding the job market a bit tight these days, you must not be in cybersecurity. As hackers ramp up attacks with increasingly sophisticated methods and tools that are readily available for purchase on the dark web, the “white hats” need all the help they can get. According to recent estimates, there will be as many as 3.5 million unfilled positions in the industry by 2021.

This puts many organizations in a tight spot, as security engineers are hard to find and command top salary figures when available. Cybercriminals, of course, aren’t complaining. They’re doing everything they can to take advantage of understaffed firms that have little ability to prevent, detect and responds to attacks. These companies are at high risk of suffering a data breach that may take years to recover from.

How Did We Get Here?

With digital transformation and the ubiquity of web and cloud

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