Hamas bootleg rocket alert app may be start of cyber terror campaign

Hamas has crafted a bootleg version of the “Code Red” rocket alert sirens app to hack into Israeli phones as the terror group continues to seek out alternative ways of battling the Jewish state.

An Israeli cyber security firm warned Thursday about the fake application designed to mimic those that notify users of rocket warnings issued by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in a specific region, to alert them to take cover by finding the closest appropriate protective shelter.

Hamas is trying to take advantage of the application to hack into users’ phones and gather information by taking pictures, recording conversations, and GPS tracking.

“When you download the (fake) app it takes control of the mobile phone and allows the operator to track the device, take pictures, record sound and make calls and send messages,” said CEO of ClearSky Cyber Security, Boaz Dolev, according to The Times of Israel.

He further warned that even

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