Smartphones or pen and paper? Cybersecurity experts split on tech …

LAS VEGAS — Some of the brightest minds in cybersecurity want the U.S. voting system to embrace technology. Others want to keep tech as far away as possible.

Election hacking was one of the main themes at Black Hat, a conference in Las Vegas this week that brought together thousands of ethical hackers to discuss cybersecurity threats and solutions.

Most cybersecurity experts at the conference fell into one of two camps. In the first are those who believe that the only way to make sure votes are not tampered with is to keep technology as far away as possible. They recommend using paper and pen until the U.S. government steps in with a unified policy.

“I think we should be thinking hard about analog elections until we get that digital policy,” said Nate Fick, CEO of the security company Endgame.

Fick’s company is in charge of securing what are known in the cybersecurity world

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