4 Ways Companies Protect Their Data From Their Own Employees

“Insider threat,” the phenomenon of employees going bad, has become a key focus of corporate security departments, as companies become increasingly aware of how much damage an angry staffer or contractor can do by stealing or leaking intellectual property or other confidential data.

In a feature in our July issue, Fortune’s Roger Parloff takes a close look at Scout, a software tool developed by cybersecurity firm Stroz Friedberg that analyzes employees’ emails and, according to the firm, can spot disgruntled or unstable workers before they go rogue. But Scout is just one weapon in a growing arsenal of technical tools that cybersecurity pros have devised to combat data theft, fraud, and sabotage. Here are four categories of protection.


Security information and event management is the art of monitoring all the data generated by a company’s security software and appliances. Information managers store info to be studied

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