Faster Response Times Needed to Combat Cyber Threat

New research from the BCI has revealed substantial differences among organizations when it comes to response times following a cyber-breach.

Whilst an impressive 31% of the 369 business continuity and resilience professionals polled said they react to cyber incidents within 60 minutes, a concerning 19% admitted it can take them four hours or more to take any action, with almost half taking more than two hours to respond. 

According to the BCI, two-thirds of respondents were hit by at least one incident in the previous year and 15% said they experienced as many as 10 in the same time period. The frequency of these attacks highlights how important it is for organizations to have plans in place to mitigate against these kind of threats or to lessen their impact, a large part of which comes down to having a quick response strategy.

“Incident response plans are one of the most critical

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