Thales, Cisco sign cybersecurity agreement

WASHINGTON, June 30 (UPI) — Cisco and Thales announced a new cybersecurity partnership Wednesday to develop cyber detection and counter-attack solutions, Thales announced.

The new solution is based on the complementary nature of the companies’ technologies and a combination of their know-how, Thales said in a statement.

In response to new critical IT systems and data protection requirements, the two companies have each been intensifying their ability to protect and retaliate against cyber threats.

“From today, the two Groups are offering a joint and integrated solution that incorporates all the relevant information on threats, emanating from the IT System, from networks to desktops,” Thales said. “This solution provides clients with an overall visiblity and optimal control of their IT security, from the prevention of attacks through to their neutralising.”

The co-development project will set up shop in France and will bring start-ups on to the team.

The solution is intended primarily

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