Cyber threat against Danish banks ‘very high’: agency

The centre, which is a department of military security agency FET (Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste), assesses cyber threats against Denmark and Danish businesses.

“The threat posed to the Danish financial sector by cyber crime is very high,” the centre writes in the report.

The threat is “becoming increasingly advanced and complex, and cyber attacks can disrupt the access to Danish financial sector services,” the report states.

A threat level of ‘very high’ is defined as “a specific threat” with “capacity, intention, planning and possible implementation. Attack/damaging activity is very likely.”

Digital espionage is also considered to be a high area of risk, according to the report.

“It is likely that foreign states have both political and economic interest in conducting cyber espionage against the Danish financial sector,” the report states.

But the report also found only a low threat of cyber terror, in which cyber attacks would aim to completely bring down financial systems in Denmark.

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