Why Cisco’s Cybersecurity Business Is About to Take Off — The …

Cisco‘s (NASDAQ:CSCO) cybersecurity business is getting better with each passing quarter. The networking specialist’s cybersecurity revenue now exceeds many  pure-play specialists thanks to the scale of its business, and it won’t be long before it establishes a viselike grip over the market.

Stepping on the gas

In the recently reported fourth quarter, Cisco’s cybersecurity revenue shot up 12% annually to $627 million, making cybersecurity Cisco’s fastest-growing segment. By comparison, pure-play cybersecurity company Check Point Software Technologies posted a revenue increase of just 2% last quarter.

What’s even more impressive is that the networking giant’s cybersecurity revenue growth has accelerated over time.

Data source: Cisco quarterly reports.

It is not difficult to understand how Cisco has managed to bump up the growth of its cybersecurity business. The company’s legacy as a provider of networking equipment such as routers and switches gives it an immense advantage over pure-play rivals, since it can simply bundle its cybersecurity

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