Trustwave opens 24-hour international cyberthreat response center in Chicago

image via tom harris

Trustwave, a provider of digital security protection and consulting services, announced the opening of its SpiderLabs Fusion Center in Chicago on Wednesday. The advanced cybersecurity command will serve a variety of functions, the most pressing of which is to monitor, detect and eliminate cyberthreats within the networks of its customer organizations.

The new 6,000 square foot facility will function as the headquarters for the company’s 10 international “advanced security operation centers.” Employees at the Fusion Center will take immediate steps to directly respond to trouble discovered by the company’s secondary locations, acting as a digital response team for its worldwide operations.

The center will have space for 35 security professionals and will be in operating capacity around the clock.


“Teams in the Fusion Center can launch deep forensic investigations using digital forensic incident response in minutes, not days, annihilating threats before extensive damage occurs,” said Chris Schueler,

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