Transport cyber threat continues, as British Airways and Air Canada are both hit.

British Airways was the subject of a massive data breach in 2018 [Credit Pixabay]The pervasive nature of cybercrime has again showed to be a direct threat to the transport industry after both British Airways (BA) and Air Canada were separately struck by massive data breaches that potentially affected hundreds of thousands of their customers.

The UK carrier’s incident included the theft of “personal and financial details” from bookings through or its app, compromising around 380,000 people between August 21st and September 5th. In Air Canada’s attack, which the company shut down after noticing “unusual login behaviour” over a two-day period in August, was focused on its app that is used by around 1.7 million people. Air Canada said in region of 20,000 profiles were “improperly accessed” and it began to contact affected parties directly.

BA’s data breach, which was brought to general

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