Venafi Survey: 86 Percent Of Security Professionals Say World At Cyber War

Forty percent believe nation-state cyber attacks have already cost human lives

Venafi®, the leading provider of machine identity protection, today announced the results of a survey of 515 IT security professionals’ views on cyber war and nation-state security. The survey was conducted August 4-9, 2018, at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.

According to the survey, eighty-six percent of IT security professionals say the world is currently in the middle of a cyber war. In addition, forty percent of respondents believe a nation-state cyber attack has already cost human lives.

“The bottom line is that the notion of war is changing from something that you do with bullets and guns on the ground to something you do with bits and bytes,” said Jeff Hudson, CEO for Venafi. “Essentially, this is a war about compromising and controlling information. Once you fully understand that, it’s pretty easy to see that we

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