FBI Warns Educators and Parents About Edtech’s Cybersecurity Risks

The FBI has released a public service announcement warning educators and parents that edtech can create cybersecurity risks for students.

Specifically, the organization notes that the “widespread collection of sensitive information” by education technology vendors, such as web browsing history, biometric data and students’ geolocation, could “present unique exploitation opportunities for criminals.”

The memo also notes that in 2017, two large edtech companies experienced cybersecurity issues. “According to security researchers, one company exposed internal data by storing it on a public-facing server,” states the FBI. “The other company suffered a breach and student data was posted for sale on the Dark Web.”

When asked to comment, the FBI declined to tell EdSurge the names of the two companies it was referring to. However, the companies are likely Schoolzilla and Edmodo, respectively. In April 2017, security researchers found a flaw in Schoolzilla’s

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