Brussels Establishes Special Office for Monitoring ‘Russian Cyberthreat’

The session of the Defense Committee took place in June, but the report on the results of the session was released on Friday.

“As for the Russian cyberthreat, the General Information and Security Service under the Defense Ministry has hired a staff member in charge of a non-permanent working group … The activities of China are also being monitored,” the representative of the service told the committee, as quoted in the report.

Ransomware attacks global IT systemsMoreover, Brussels has developed a plan to recruit both civilian and military specialists in order to strengthen country’s cybersecurity and it will be submitted to the Defense Minister for consideration soon, according to the report.

Russia has been repeatedly accused of malign cyberactivity, but refuted the allegations as groundless. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that the West did not even have weak arguments for their claims, adding that these ill-founded accusations have been completely devalued.

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