Experience often key in cybersecurity job market

he arrival of U.S. Army Cyber Command will bring hundreds of jobs to the Augusta area, and schools are attempting to meet that demand.

Augusta-area students are attractive candidates for these positions for several reasons, including proximity and quality of education. But working against them may be a lack of the experience many employers want in filling these jobs and the security clearances some positions require.

Employers in this industry place a high premium on experience. According to a 2017 study by Augusta University that surveyed 278 organizations in the Augusta area, when asked about important factors to consider in the hiring process for cyber-related and information technology roles, experience was the most frequent response. That’s more frequent than certifications or even college degrees.

Students at Augusta Tech and Augusta University can pursue internships with local companies such as Unisys or Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, but a lack of experience might

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