Intel chief Dan Coats warns of China’s ‘potent’ cyber threat during Citadel event

Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats sounded the alarm about foreign interference in the U.S. democratic process during a speech Tuesday in Charleston — but he wasn’t talking about Russia this time.

Coats dedicated most of his 10-minute keynote address at The Citadel Intelligence and Cyber Security Conference to discussing the ambitions and strategies of China in the areas of cyberwarfare and intelligence gathering. 

“In recent months, I have spoken out candidly about the persistent and pervasive Russian effort to undermine our democracy. This challenge continues to be at the forefront of our current threat environment,” Coats said, alluding to public pronouncements about the 2016 election process that put him at odds with President Donald Trump this summer.

“Having said this, we also face a separate challenge that is more methodical than the threat posed by Russia,” Coats said, later adding: “In contrast to Russia, China often executes its strategy in a more deliberate

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