Decoding cyber threats

The wars of tomorrow will not be entirely fought on the battlefield. 

Rather, they will also be fought in cyberspace. In the virtual battlefields of the 21st century, the keyboard and mouse will be just as important as the rifle and helmet. 

And few know this better than Serena Ong.

As an analyst in Mindef’s Defence Cyber Organisation (DCO), Ms Ong, 31, may be seated behind a desk, but she is the first line of defence against any cyber threats that the Defence Sector – comprising the SAF, Mindef, DSTA, DSO, Defence Industry and Mindef-related organisations – faces. 

Prior to joining Mindef, she worked in the private sector in a cybersecurity company for over a year, before deciding to become a Defence Executive Officer (DXO). 

“Cybersecurity is a fast-growing career field,” she says. “Growing dependence on the Internet is driving the rising tide of cybercrime and cyber threats worldwide.”

Every day, Mindef alone experiences hundreds of

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