Russian Cyber Espionage, Crimes, and Hooliganism

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Russia continues to attack the data and computer networks of Western countries and organizations.
  • Moscow will target any organization that seeks to report the truth on the Kremlin’s criminal activities, from the downing of flight MH-17 to more banal Russian actions like sports doping.
  • On October 4, numerous Western countries detailed their accusations that Russia was engaged in systemic ‘malicious’ cyber activities on a massive scale.
  • As usual, Russia dismissed the accusations and evidence as ‘fake’ and moved quickly to encourage its online troll army to sow disinformation and spread doubt.

On October 4, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia joined a growing chorus of Western countries that have publicly accused Russia of a wide-ranging campaign of cyber espionage, criminal activities, and general hooliganism. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt stated the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre

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