How Three Waves Of Cybersecurity Innovation Led Us Here


We live in a world where it appears to be a matter of when, not if, an enterprise is breached. Billions of dollars have been spent on beefing up cybersecurity, but the bad guys keep winning. Securing even a small organization seems quite hard.

How did we get here? Is there hope?

The computer industry has had to fight against evolving sophistication in threats throughout its history. I have been working in cybersecurity since the early ’90s, beginning in college when cybersecurity and the internet were still in their infancy, and in 2015 I started a third-generation cybersecurity company where I currently serve as CEO. We can point to two historical shifts in cybersecurity market conditions that led to a step up in the complexity and scope of attacks and consequently fueled fantastic innovations. With both innovative waves, there were early adopters and laggards — with consequences for who got breached.

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