Hunting Russian hackers: Meet the Canadian on the frontlines of a cyberwar

Nicholas Palmer’s day job is hunting Russian hackers.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Palmer is now the director of international business at GroupIB, a private cyber-security firm based in Moscow. Palmer has spent his career preventing and responding to cyber-attacks on internet users and businesses around the world, but he says cyber-criminals from Russia represent his greatest challenge.

“We’ve seen them very easily enter banks’ networks and conduct very highly-skilled attacks against theoretically well-protected networks,” Palmer said, pointing to a fake Royal Bank of Canada website targeting Canadian customers.

Canada joins chorus outing Russia over repeated cyber attacks as US charges 7 spies with hacking

“Unfortunately, we detect thousands of these (phishing websites) that are hosted in Russia. Russian-speaking cyber-criminals are a very talented group of people.”

Russians’ tech-savvy cyber-skills are rooted in history. The country boasts an impressive track-record of technological innovation and has prioritized education

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