Digital Transformations Carry Cybersecurity Concerns

Looking Outside for Trained Resources

To avoid cyberattacks like the one that afflicted Merck, pharmaceutical manufacturers should employ tools that detect trouble beyond traditional security measures such as firewalls, access authentication, and anti-virus tools. Businesses should allocate security budget towards advanced intrusion detection systems that can reliably detect an ongoing intrusion and alert security.Exploring these practices will reduce the chances of an attack, or at the very least, alleviate impact in the event of one.

Pre-selecting a specialized vendor to assist in incident response and recovery is recommended. Working with a cyber incident vendor to install sound logging practices and other measures will facilitate both forensic analysis and risk mitigation. This will position the firm to respond quickly to an attack, ascertain what happened and, to the extent possible, limit the harm done.

There is a booming industry of businesses that offer solutions across all ranges of data sources to help organizations mitigate

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