WW3 WARNING: Russia threatens ATTACK on UK over cyber …

“Although the presence of aggressive plans has not been denied directly, we assume that the United Kingdom, being a responsible member of the international community and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, will fulfil its promises to act in accordance with international law, including its fundamental prohibition against use or threat of force.”

UK’s defence preparations come amid growing concerns over Russia’s threat, after allegations Moscow tried to hack the UK government and the international body that headed the Salisbury Novichok probe.

Over the years, Russia has carried out a series of cyber strikes against the West.

In 2007, the Kremlin knocked out the computer systems of the Estonian parliament, banks and broadcasters in and in 2017, Moscow carried out malware attacks on the Kiev underground system and Odessa airport in 2017.

UK’s chief of the defence staff, General Sir Nick Cartern told Sky News: “Russian espionage, Soviet espionage, has never stopped.


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