Practice cyber security in your home

Computers are so much a part of our daily lives that we often take them for granted.

But National Cyber Security Month in October is a reminder to be alert and take steps to keep identity thieves out of your home.

“The biggest thing is awareness,’’ said Dennis Carson, manager of Enterprise Infrastructure for California University and a student in Cal U’s professional science master’s in cyber security program.

Carson and Dr. Brian Kraus, associate vice president of University Technology Services for California University, point out thieves who gain access to your computer or smart phone can view personal information, including financial and healthcare records.

Kraus explained cyber security can involve breaches, in which hackers break into a system and steal data. But identity theft can also occur when people are fooled into sharing their user ID and passwords.

Kraus and Carson shared these tips for keeping your home and valuables safe:

Protecting phones and portable

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